10. By the end of this class, you would probably be able to survive waking up in a fairy tale. What kind of advice would you give to the next Agent or adventurer about to follow your path?

Dear Agent, Congrats! You've probably made it through the walkthrough section of ENDI. Here's some advice I wish I had at the beginning of this fairy tale semester... If you've woken up in a fairy tale, you need to stay calm. I'm serious. There's a lot to think about here, so get ready. Perhaps you've... Continue Reading →


Indexing Playlist

Evil Woman - Electric Light Orchestra Sister Sin - Nickelback 1000 Black Birds - Tyler Ramsey Poison - Beyoncé Thriller - Michael Jackson Rotten to the Core - Dove Cameron Kiss Kiss - Chris Brown Magic Flute - Take/Five Out of the Woods - Taylor Swift Danger Zone - Kenny Loggins

Indexing Episodes 1-4

My initial thoughts while reading this were that it reminds me of the objective of our ENDI course: stopping fairy tales from becoming a reality. It's confusing, but my sheer interest and the numerous moments of chaos kept me turning page after page. In episode one, I loved the number assignments for fairy tale characters.... Continue Reading →

Deerskin Final Thoughts

Overall I thought this story was heart wrenchingly good. There were some parts that were truly hard to read, as Lissar faced so many obstacles. I felt that the ending offered the reader closure in the sense that her father was punished for what he did for Lissar, and the fact that she met Ossin,... Continue Reading →

Hans Christian Anderson

My experience with Hans Christian Anderson before the course were with the film versions of his The Little Mermaid, The Princess and the Pea, and The Emperor's New Clothes. I had no idea who he was until now. After reading the article, it solidified again that fairy tales were really first meant for adult audiences.... Continue Reading →

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